Did you know that part of the Duck House has recently been opened as a Fine Art Gallery?

They have a separate website which you can access here.

Their introduction reads:

“Situated in the heart of Corbridge in the picturesque Tyne Valley, Duck House Gallery is a magnet for both emerging and established artists to showcase their remarkable talent. We want to harness the breadth of creativity within the region and beyond, to bring you a varied collection of high quality fine art. Most of all, we want to give young talented artists a platform from which they can demonstrate their unique skills.

This beautiful building was once Corbridge Town Hall and is the perfect environment in which to host art. Our aim is to be the creative hub at the heart of the community. Come along, browse, enjoy lunch or coffee and relax in the presence of a beautiful collection of art. Better still…get creative and take part in some of our many and varied workshops. For details see workshops and events.”

There is a wide selection of exceptional art by local artists available to purchase…or just to admire.  You will also find art from the gallery throughout the Duck House building.  Why not come and take a look?

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